Calico Cottage supply EVERYTHING
from the wrapping paper to
all the Fudge ingredients.

Jon - Fudge Heaven, Tamborine Mountain

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Fudge Heaven 

Confectionery Shop, QLD

I have absolutely no problem writing this testimonial for you, as the Calico Fudge Program has changed my life, I now finally have an occupation that I totally enjoy and get paid well too.

I started with the Calico Fudge Program in 2003 and have not looked back, by 2005 I was number one in Australia and won award for Best Fudge display, and the best part is, that it is so easy.  The Calico team supply everything that you need to start the business and I do mean EVERYTHING from the wrapping paper to all the Fudge ingredients and best of all, total support and training and it is not a franchise.

You would be crazy if you did not at least get a FREE Business analysis from Calico and should you require further encouragement please call me on mobile 0403 807 231. So GET WITH THE PROGRAM the Calico Cottage Program.

I have nothing to gain from anybody starting with Calico and have not been paid, bribed, coerced, threatened or blackmailed.

Yours sincerely


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